February 22nd Training Notes- Intro to Single Stick, Balance, and Power

Starting work on the basics of single stick and the basic concepts of Latosa escrima- Power, Balance, Timing/Distance/Speed (Measure), Focus, and Transition

Stick handling- ideal grip, strong fist, no wrist break

5 strikes- 1-5- 1 -forehand through head to shoulder, 2- backhand through head to shoulder, 3- forehand below shoulder (& more horizontal), 4- backhand below shoulder, 5- stab

Lunge matrix/intro to point footwork Introduced the idea of the point- simply- both feet together- on a more complex level, a state of omnidirectional balance and power. Drilled the 5 strikes stepping out from point in 10 directions as introduction to rudiments of possible footwork. Put target in front of original ‘point’ position as focal point to direct hits to when off-lining (maintain Focus on the offline)

Power Evolution The basics of hitting hard from up to down- worked hitting targets, adding a piece of the body at a time, feet fixed in point Hand/wrist- strong fist, minimize ulnar abduction- keep wrist neutral

Elbow- elbow extension- keep arm fixed at side with other arm if necessary and hit with elbow extension

Gleno-humeral joint- add degree of elbow extension to the relaxed swing of the arms to drop the hit in from high

[Supplementary exercise- arm swings- like these -

Scapulo-thoracic junction- circle the shoulder to generate the action of a 'draw cut' and introduce the mechanics of the zone hit- junction of shoulderblade and body rises, goes forward, drops down, comes back, rises- the size of the ellipse determines the depth of the hit- the zone. Hit one shot to a zone inside the target, one to a zone outside the target

[Supplementary exercise- stick in crooks of arms and make circles- references staff use and mechanics. Introduced the idea of different circles from shoulder here creating different strikes- stab as example]

Zone hitting- hitting to a defined point with each hit, essentially the turnover point where your circle starts

Weight drop- use rise of shoulder to draw up same side leg, then ‘fall’ onto that leg landing stick before leg to show how to put weight into shot. Get leg, target, or stick up higher to help emphasize mechanic. Alternate hits with and without impact (‘zoned’).

Step with an offline- add all above mechanics together and step off to a forward 45 degree angle staying focused forward

Balance and Power Linear stepping hitting target going forward – up and back the room hitting target

Same drill, only partner holds stick in icepick grip as target in left hand while pressing chest of person hitting with right hand (when they’re hitting with the right)- maintain forward balance and pressure while hitting walking forward

Finisher- ‘Catch’ Drill- creating chaos-feeder holds two sticks, throws one to partner and presents the other as a target. Partner immediately does a weight dropped #1 from where-ever they caught the stick with whatever grip. Train to adapt.

Overall a very productive practice with noticeable gains made through the class by everyone- good work.

Important concepts: Basics of power Point footwork Balance Zone hitting

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2 Responses to February 22nd Training Notes- Intro to Single Stick, Balance, and Power

  1. Simon McMahon says:


    Greetings from the Philippines

    I am very pleased to hear of your (relatively) new venture. You had a profound effect on my own training and it’s great to read you are still sharing your knowledge with committed martial artists.

    I’ve read through thizs website and am loving the typical “No B.S – let’s train!” message it exudes.

    I wish the Seattle Escrima club the very best for the future,

    Simon McMahon – Bahad Zu’bu Philippines

    (former guest at the “Very Hostel”, L.A 2001 :) )

  2. andrew says:

    Simon! Great to hear from you- check your e-mail! We should catch up!

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