March 12th- Single stick #3- Balance, Power and Intro to the Roof Attack

Continuing on in developing the basics of the box system. . .

Warmup Reaction drill- one person in front of class attacking from out of range, try to read them and react

Outside defense and roof attack Partner drill- worker starts from point, feeder attacks with backhand strike to worker on point. Worker defends with outside defense, stepping to all points of lung matrix to counter.

Partner drill- balance drill- worker with both hands outside, feeder with one hand inside, worker tracks the feeder. Find the place where your body backs your arms best.

Use the stick as a staff and make shoulder rolls as if doing a forehand staff hit from double overhand grip.

Shift grip focus so now your arms are in the strong position from the balance drill, stick is parallel to ground, hitting forward with a shoulder roll and weight drop- now we have constructed the roof attack

Partner drill- worker from point, feeder hits vertical forehand (#1), step to all points of lunge matrix making roof vs #1.

Partner drill- from weapon and leg in same lead, roof and counters vs #1

Partner drill- as above, add focus mitt and hit roof, double roof up to head, follow with rear hand shot to mitt

Partner drills- looped Roof, outside vs #1, #2- then rolls change. Outside, roof vs #1, #2

Sparring We finished up with sparring with single stick and dussacks- very fun. Sparring raises a number of questions which I think warrant their own essay, and which are well worth discussing. I detect an overall enthusiasm for sparring in the group which I quite enjoy and want to cultivate and mold into something productive.

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