March 19th- Transition from Staff to Stick to Empty Hand and Intro to Sparring


- double overhand grip, forehand hits to target - change to three person drill, light resistance from third person on both hands to keep base and pressure, focus is on hit to target.

Single stick Feeder with stick and focus mitt, comes in with forehand shot and mitt at same time- defend with roof making impact with stick and pad at same time.

This was remarkably effective at cleaning up people’s roof attacks

Empty Hand- Introducing the Jab

Feeder with focus mitt - worker hits out with lead hand just like lead hand in single stick and roof, mitt is static- developing jab mechanic -feeder keeps pad moving- get the feel of a strike being used against a moving target trying to get away from you

Crazy Monkey Defense

An aggressive shelled-up defense good at defending the head, developed by Coach Rodney King- may not be the best way to box and not a formal part of Latosa Escrima, but the best way I know to teach someone how to box. We introduced the idea of progressive resistance in sparring using this.

CM structure - good base, square to opponent, thumbs on head if wearing big gloves, palms if wearing little gloves, hands constantly moving. Partner provides light resistance to forearms while you advance

CM vs jabs - feeder jabs at 10-20% power, full speed, use CM to cover shots and move in (use passing game if you know it. Channel Joe Frazier).

CM vs Straight Punches -on the wall as line drill- defend all straight punches

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