Grandmaster Rene Latosa Seminar Notes – May 14

Great seminar with GM Rene. The morning session was a very beginner-friendly survey of short to medium distance, body-connected hitting. Afternoon session focused on staff. Here are some rough notes for memory purposes.

  • Hitting combos from the numbered strikes: do a #1, then follow up with a couple hits and a punch; #2, follow up; #3, follow up; etc.
  • Work hits with a middle-stick grip. Notice your ability to chain hits utilizing both ends of the weapon, e.g., outside butt strike, to outside hit, to outside stab, to outside reverse end hit.
  • Same drill as above, but partner applies mild pressure on your fist to force you to connect your body to each hit.
  • Hold stick at both ends and execute chained hits, focusing on maintaining forward position of both arms, and on elliptical recovery from each hit to allow chaining.
  • Same as above, with partner providing mild pressure to ensure body connection
    • Ability to generate connected power at all ranges: very close, close, and medium
    • When hooking, don’t drive the power lateral – keep it forward
    • Knee connection to hits / forward focus of the knees
  • Withdrawing while punching/hitting
    • Maintain forward posture of the body
    • Forward knee attitude
    • You are retreating, but hits are always launched from a stable platform… each hit is significant. None thrown from off balance stance
    • Keep the hit in the zone. Overreaching blows out the other side, so you have to recenter to correct
  • Working with a feeder who advances on you, practice generating hits at various distances. Ensure connected power and focus at all distances / timings.
  • Feeder takes away target — still hit to zone, don’t overreach or lose control of weapon (hit to zone)
  • Working the foundation of the hit by striking the pad high with the butt… this is the shortest distance, and the beginning of each hit (long, medium, short). Knee connect. Work with passing, from point, etc.
  • Above drill and add the reverse hit (transitioning long to short)
  • Doubled hand hits (connecting the shoulders / two-handed weapons)
  • Break from the above into punch combos (transition out from short to medium distance hitting)
  • Control and hit combos using the above concept
  • Transitioning distances without withdrawing; maintaining body connection through chained hits; flow
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