Seattle Seminar with Rene Latosa October 22-23

Get the chance to train with a legend of the Filipino Martial Arts! Learn from one of the most innovative and respected practitioners of Escrima who has shared his art with tens of thousands worldwide. As anyone who has trained with Mr Latosa knows, he teaches to the needs of the students present while covering the range of the art of Escrima from empty hand to staff, always looking to the idea of transition- universal principles of motion that carry over between ranges and weapons. From beginners to advanced practitioners, everyone will benefit from this rare opportunity!

Mr Latosa will be here the 22nd and 23rd of October- we will be running 3 sessions, and there will be time for private lessons for those interested.

Saturday 10-1230- $50/75 Location: Yesler Community Center

Saturday 1400-1730 $75/100 Sunday 10-1330 $75/100 Saturday PM and Sunday Session- tentative location- SANCA- School of Acrobatic and New Circus Arts

Whole weekend- Members $200 Non-Members $225


Or, call Eric at 206.850.2788

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