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Rene Latosa Seattle Seminar Weekend – January 24/25 2015

Seattle Escrima Club is pleased to sponsor a seminar weekend with internationally renowned Escrima Grandmaster Rene Latosa, founder of Latosa Escrima Concepts. We have been extremely lucky over the life of our club to have GM Rene visit to share … Continue reading

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Rene Latosa Seminar, Dec 4-5 in Seattle!

Rene Latosa, one of the pre-eminent Filipino martial arts figures of our day, will be in Seattle December 4-5 sharing his unique, concept-driven approach to martial arts. He brings with him over 40 years in Filipino martial arts, having started … Continue reading

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Inside defense, roof, transition to double sticks vs staff

Warmup Lunge matrix- step to 10 directions from point, both leads -single stick- 4 sides of the box -staff- 5 strikes Double stick figure 8- both chambered on same side (r)- R forehand (rechambers), L backhand (carries over to L), … Continue reading

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